Architectural & Structural design

Our construction design help customer make more comfortable space from comprehensive perspective, from the stage of preparation to that of management and operation of customer's project. We regard the structure desing as an important issues related to the safty, so assess correctly the condition of the land and advise carefully.

Design and installation of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)

Our M&E & Construction department closely coordinate with each other, and proffer the most appropriate solution in their each constraint condition.

Site management & Construction work

We provide the quality management, the progress management and quickly and sensitively respond to various problems in the construction site through the good communication with our customers. We provive reliable technology by making good use of our abundant experience.

What is the construction result of TLK?

There are many such as the factory construction / renovation of the Japanese company, interior of the rental factory, store / office interior. For customers who wish, we will guide you on our construction practice.

Can we consult in Japanese?

Yes. All the meetings are possible with Japanese and in Japanese. Please do not hesitate to tell us detailed nuances and requests. Estimates, drawings, daily reports etc. will also be delivered in Japanese.

Is the estimate free?

Yes. Our company conducts basic design from the initial meeting and we will submit quotation / drawing free of charge. We will keep in mind that we tell customers easy to understand by using image parsing or photographs as necessary.

Where are the corresponding area?

At Ho Chi Minh head office, we accept a wide range of projects in the southern part of Vietnam (Binh Duong Province, Rong An Province, Dong Nai Province, Ba Ria -Vung Tau Province etc.). In the north there is a group company · LAC VIET. Please consult about other areas as well.

Guarantee after construction?

We will offer free maintenance service for one year after the delivery in case of emergency.

We are struggling to find a site.

In T.L.K, we can not directly introduce specific properties, but we will help you find your site from a construction point of view. We will show you the characteristics of each region and industrial park and the laws related to Vietnamese buildings by making use of our long experience and network here. Please also leave consulting related to land such as ground survey and ground improvement.

How about handling furniture and fixtures?

Kindly let us know the furniture and fixtures, kitchen equipment, electric products etc. necessary for factories, warehouses, offices, shops etc together with construction / interior. Furniture can be designed according to customer's desired layout as well as ready-made items.

We'd like to import building materials and electric equipment.

Basically we use national products available in Vietnam but we have a trade license so we can import and customs procedures from abroad such as Japan, Korea and Thailand. Please contact us once you have any requests.

What are procedures such as building application?

We are also familiar with administrative procedures related to construction such as construction, firefighting and environmental application.

Our Process

1. CONSULTATION: Understanding your project, your activities, helping you trough the steps to invest in Vietnam.

2. INFORMATION SUPPORT: By taking advantage of the local network, we help the preparation for investment in Vietnam. (information gathering of the land, investigation on the spot, etc.)

3. PROPOSAL& DETAILED DESIGN: We give you back preliminary designs and quotation within 3 weeks

4. AUTHORITY APPROVAL: We obtain for you administrative authorizations (building permit, fire safety permit, environment permit etc.)

5. CONSTRUCTION: We are able to start the work on site within 1 week after our final agreement, thanks to our existing teams. We do not employ sub-contractors.

6. DAILY REPORT: After the beginning of the construction, we send you a report with photos everyday

7.Free full 24/7 support: Free full 24/7 support for any problem for the first year

Why Choose Us

  • Taking advantage of 20 years' experience and performance to achieve a stable quality, low cost.
  • Flexible response by our existing teams
  • Total Support by Japanese experienced staffs
  • Free full 24/7 Maintenance-support
  • Take responsibility for the safety and security construction work.